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What we do:

  • Maptrends web-application delivers unique information based on real insights to end-users

  • Maptrends platform and analytic engine enables advanced, dynamic and updated crowd analytics to Telco's data lakes.

  • The platform can also be used to enable analytics/insight to other types of data

  • The Maptrends digital platform target a global market and need for crowd insights

  • Combining historical data & AI, trends and prediction models mature over time

  • The new insight Maptrends bring to users will be a game changer for decision makers all over the globe, making better and more informed decisions based on facts

How we do it:

Validated and accurate data

Unique and anonymized mobile data feeds into the Maptrends analytic engine for extraction of useful insights. The result can be combined with other data sources for better and more valuable insight and presentation.

Value in knowing

Historical data, trends, patterns, filters, and reports provide valuable insights for making the right decisions. Training the data through machine learning gives interesting prediction models and scenarios

Making the right decision

By comparing historical data, the effect of decisions can be measured, visualized, and if necessary, adjusted for better effect.

Maptrends Simplifies Planning

Anonymous and aggregated mobile-data covering vast geographical areas, Maptrends analyze how the population is moving.

We create dynamic overviews and charts for cities and municipalities, private and public sectors. We create the best basis for assessment to create a more efficient transportation system, better city planning, and, all-in-all, smarter and safer cities

Maptrends use anonymized data!

By using anonymous mobile-data, proximity data and other linked data sources, Maptrends analyze how, when and where the population is moving over time, Origin, destination, work and residential locations  combined with Maptrends analytic engine provides new and unique insights you can use to plan after real demand. 

Data sources

Maptrends platform and data for crowd insights are collected from open and private sources. 

We take care of privacy

All data is, of course, anonymized and aggregated to make it 100% anonymous and non-traceable according to the GDPR regulative.

In addition, filters are applied where the volume of the population and time spent in areas are low to further secure anonymity.

Future releases:

Differentiating types of travel

In the near future, Maptrends aim to be able to differentiate on the population’s mode of travel

  • Walking

  • Biking

  • Public transport

  • Driving

Also, travelers can be categorized based on gender, age-group, and nationality for better split and deep dive into the data.

A strategic goal for Maptrends Analytic engine is to apply Machine learning to historical data and create models for a better understanding future demand and supply.

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