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Maptrends® Pandemic Mobility AI


A brief project description  

As of the Corona Virus outbreak we are now offering National Health Authorities to build a unique and novel solution, based on Maptrends, that allows governments to track the population to deeply understand and mitigate the spreading of virus pandemics in society (e.g. Covid-19 Corona Virus).   

Controlling the spreading of a pandemic in a society is challenging. Governments, individuals and organisations, need to take and implement a wide range of measures, at the right time, in the right amount & scale and in the right places. This presents an immense complexity, and many times authorities are not in control of the outcomes. They cannot correctly estimate where and when measures must be taken and, they are not able to precisely measure the impact of implemented measures.  
In short, the project could save more than thousands or tens of thousands of lives in any state or country, by giving better control over the resources and spread of a pandemics, by: 

  1. Understanding exactly how the Pandemic virus moves in the population by near precise estimation of where and when it happens, also historically and across borders.

  2. Analyzing in real time the real effect of the various measures, and where and when, these effects are working - or not.

  3. Understand and control a virus outbreak with new insights into how, where and when, population groups move and interchange, mix and mingle, down to a very small group level.

  4. Being able to simulate localised epidemic scenarios based on real population movements in an area, to make better decision


Medical science normally uses models and methods to simulate how viruses spread through hypothetical populations.  However, these are hypotheses and not real insights. 

With real life, on-the-ground truth information derived from specific Maptrends algorithms about how, where, how many and when citizens are moving, these medical sciences can be matched to fully understand and control a virus epidemic outbreak.  
If the project produces the desired outcome, the authorities can track trends and movements, simulate spreading, and thus design and continuously assess the efficiency of decisions and measures taken to contain the epidemic. They will also be able to quantify an epidemic early on, which can  drastically contribute to reduce its deadliness and strain on infrastructure, personnel and the economy.


Many countries got an eye opener in March linked to movement and virus spread. People travelling from abroad, ending up in a domestic city - carrying the virus, getting sick and spreading the disease further on.

Thousands of health workers trying to track the spread pattern, contacts and whereabouts for the individuals. This is done by telephone as per date.

Maptrends is a Norwegian software company that has developed a SaaS solution where movement of the anonymised cell phones are analysed and presented through a graphical frontend.

The solution is used for analysing travel patterns, history and statistics for larger groups of individuals – all according to GDPR and within EU’s privacy legislation.

Maptrends co-operates with Telco's offering Maptrends to municipalities, government, transportation, property development, tourism, research etc. 

We believe this technology is ideal and made for pandemic research due to the volume of data and anonymity it gives out of the box.

Phone apps and other applications where users need to give details and allow detailed tracking of movements are under massive criticism.

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