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Innovation and funding

Maptrends AS has received funding from Innovation Norway.

Innovation Norway's Pilot-T program has processed the application and we are happy to announce that we have passed through the needle eye.

The Pilot-T program in Innovation Norway will help new technology to be implemented more quickly in the transport sector. Maptrends transform Mobility Analytics data into new insight into movement patterns and people flows to provide vital decision information.

The owners of Maptrends will also invest in the company and have great faith that the total funding will give the necessary speed, focus and growth in 2019 and 2020.

Previous pilot projects have given promising results with new insight through Maptrends from Mobility Analytics data. The funding will be used for further development of product and services as well as partner collaboration.

The programs from Innovation Norway are very important as a kickstarter for growth companies and help exciting innovation projects with necessary speed.

Key partners in the project are the customer -Stavanger municipality and the partner Telenor, which provide Mobility Analytics insight data to Maptrends.

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