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Maptrends - the future of Mobility Analytics

Digital insights for mobility data is all about access to- and knowledge in how to analyze, mine, filter, compare and present location data in an format that gives value to the user.

An example: In order to create useful public transportation services for the people living in cities, it has to start with the simple questions: What is the need? What is the situation today and what is the preferred future situation?

There may be many answers to this question, and users needs may changes from week to week

Traditional IT projects normally has 3 phases for analyzing: AS IS, TO BE, and GAP analysis.

AS IS is the phase where information is collected, subjects interviewed, data sources created and analyzed etc. For the example above, this task is normally performed by interviews , voluntary questionnaires, phone calls, manually counts or recently more modern methods like data mining of ticket systems, camera / bluetooth gates counting or apps with GPS / Wifi.

TO BE will present different scenarios for a better (perfect) situation, SWOT, cost and time. One of the possible solutions will be selected, based on (on that time) available input.

The GAP analysis will give answers how to bring the AS IS situation over to the TO BE preferences. Then the project starts, solutions are created and implemented.

Timeframe for collecting input and present the project may take 1-2 years before the project itself starts depending of size and budget. The budget to make the case itself is large.

Until today, analyze companies have had exclusive rights to collect and analyze travel habit information, before selling it to the customers - mostly government, cities, transportation sector, entrepreneurs and other.

The obvious problems are quality, volume and time period of data used as input to make the case and basis for the selection.

  • Only a small part of the population is represented in the data set

  • The data is outdated when decisions are made

  • It only shows a static and historical overview

  • The analyze phase needs to re-run after the project in order to prove some effect of the investment, then again after every adjustment.

Maptrends represent the future, smart and cost effective method for Mobility Analytics.

  • Updated database based on millions of SIM cards movement every day

  • An easy-to use visual and dynamiq front end.

  • Clever algorithms defining travels. From - To - After

  • The value of exact and precise information

  • Monitor changes over time, check effect of adjustments

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