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Something about privacy

"Protecting individuals and privacy is our top concern!"

How often have you heard this statement from companies with responsibility for data and solutions where information regarding individuals appear. Especially after EU's implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), this statement has become very popular.

Maptrends get this question all the time. In fact, it is one of the first question the audience asks, and it is valid. How does Maptrends protect the little man from being tracked? How certain can you be that data can't be reverse engineered to get detailed insights? How can I be sure that my private data will not be misused or spread? What data do you store about me?

Maptrends is an insight and analyze tool based on unique data designed to provide clarity regarding travel patterns, historical movements and changes over time. The tool is particularly interesting to city and transport planners - and everybody who needs information based on facts.

First of all - Maptrends is what the name says: Mapping trends and produce statistics. Over time. We use data that is anonymized and aggregated. Data that is provided from Telco's with a special responsibility to make sure that there are no question connected to risk and privacy.

The anonymous data is also filtered through K-anonymity filters, to ensure guarantees that the individuals who are the subjects of the data cannot be re-identified while the data remain practically useful. Translated to Maptrends, this mean that we set a threshold limit and remove all data when the numbers less than "K" within that area or timeframe i question. For Maptrends and our partner Telco Telenor, the value is K-20.

Second - Introducing new characteristics / other data sources or adding and combining data in addition to the travel patterns can possibly increase the risk for identification. In example, K-20 filter is applied, but adding nationality to the data may identify fewer individuals. Maptrends own risk evaluation process will always have a 360 degree view and functionality to ensure that privacy is observed. In this case timeframe/area algo's will trim the data to fit the regulations, customers need and privacy.

One mistake - and Maptrends is finished, and we can not afford that or the fines that follows. This is why we used the top law firm in Norway with competence in GDPR to take a deep dive into our business and data model to get it measured against the law.

Eva Jarbekk at Schjødt Lawers stated:

"In summary, we believe that Maptrend's concept could be set up lawfully and could be commercialized with a high degree of security both in Norway and other countries. The type of data that the concept will generate is attractive. The project will continue to work on the anonymisation techniques, security measures, contract agreements and privacy statements."

This is why we proudly states: Privacy is always in our focus and under continuous scrutiny!

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