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The tourist season is upon us again..

The Maptrends office is located close to the Stavanger harbour. Daily we can follow the cruise-liners passing only 100 meters away, carrying tens of thousand new or returning visitors to our city. Cruise tourism is only part of the equation. Many visitors mean business for local shops, restaurants, hotels and for the sight seeing and event firms.

Business from tourism industry increases. In total, tourism in Rogaland stands for value creation of more than NOK 5 billion, and the industry has grown by 80 percent since 2004.

View from the Maptrends office

Today, as a tourism organisation you do not have a lot of information about visitor origin and profile. It’s equally hard to know when and how many people visit a tourist attraction, specific city area or any other area of interest. Current research methods are manual and cumbersome

To better understand your tourist origin, profile and behaviour, improve the targeting of your promotions to attract new visitors and adapt your services -

Maptrends can offer Tourist Analytics that provides insights on the visitors to a specific event or location, within a certain period of interest.

Maptrends can give insight in questions like:

  • Where do tourists come from, which areas are they visiting and how long are they staying?

  • How many people visit an area?

  • Where is the origin of visitors? Their nationality?

  • What is their duration and frequency of stay?

  • How do people move to/from and around the city, where are the challenges and how may we improve accessibility?

Do you get the best value from your promotional efforts? How can you be more targeted with your promotional activity? Maptrends will give you insights, statistics and trends for a better and more prepared season when the tourists start flooding the area.

How to beat the competition? Maptrends!

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